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Hooked, straight upnosed and straight hooked goughes
Goughes, Bent and straight chisels
Tools for woodturning
Beating goughes and chisel
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 Ordering instructions are below:
  1. Surf around among the items by the links above and below, click on the buy button for the items you are interested in. You only have to click once for every item, you can decide on the quantity later.

  2. When you are finished selecting items you click on Shopping cart. There you will be able to change the quantity.

  3. When you are finished with the Item basket you click on Customer ordering info.
    Here you fill in your name, address, phone and email information. You can also order the product catalog and send a message to the smith if you want to. You can order the product catalog and send a message even if you don't want to buy anything. Just click here in such case.

  4. The next step is to click on the Confirm the order, the page that shows the information that is to be sent to us.

  5. The final step is to click on the link Send the order!. You will then recieve a confirmation, a thank you for the order, but also a email to the email address you entered earlier. It's important that you have entered a valid
    email address. The confirmation is a receipt that the order have reached us, but we also send a confirmation with an estimated delivery time.

    This information page you will always find under the Products button. Remember you have not bought anything before you have clicked Send the order!. You can quit your order until then.

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  • All prices are in Swedish kronor
  • Swedish VAT are included in the prices.
  • Freight will be added. The price of the freight depends on the weight and the size on the parcel.
    We will inform about the freight in the order confirmation.
  • When exporting outside the EU, Swedish VAT are deducted
    and your own country VAT, eventual customs fee and export fees will be added when you got your package.

  •  We can not take payments by creditcard or paypal so you have to transfer the money to our Swedish
    bank account. We will send you information about how to do that in the personal confirmation email you got when you have made your order.
  • A confirmation of the order will be sent to you by email when you send the order.
    Further more, Elsa or Svante will send a personal confirmation by email
    within 2 days after you have sent the order.

  • Estimated delivery time will be sent to you in the confirmation.
  • If you wish to change anything after you have sent the order?
    Don't hesitate, send an email and we will settle your problem.

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