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Drawknives in three different models. Seen from above:

Timber drawknife
Edge length 32 cm, thickness 4,5 mm
The blades width 31 mm
For debarking and similar types of work.

Handicraft drawknife 27 cm
Edge length 27 cm, thickness 4,7 mm
The blades width 31 mm
For outward shaping. Fix the material for instance in a shaving bench and use the drawknife for outward shaping of for ex. bowls and trough.
The muscles groups when you work against you is very strong and gives a good control. It is also a safe way to work. The shoulders are constructed so you can  not cut your self in the belly.

Handicraft drawknife 14 cm
Edge length 14 cm, thickness 3 mm
The blades width 20 mm
A small straight drawknife for small people or small work.
Also see text above on the drawknife 27 cm.


Some new pictures on the drawknife 27 cm:

Drawknife 27 cm, seen from the front.

Drawknife 27 cm, seen with the grinding surface up.




Handicraft drawknife 20 cm
Edge length 20 cm, straight. Thickness 3 mm.
The blades width 20 mm.

Handicraft drawknife 20 cm have a longer edge then our ordinary drawknife 14 cm. That is the only different between them.
The handle is made of elm.


Artnr Name
B 501  Timberdrawknife 32 cm 
B 502  Handicraft drawknife 27 cm 
B 503  Handicraft drawknife 14 cm 
B 504  Handicraft drawknife 20 cm 

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