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The picture of the week:
W.5 Awl
W.6 Turning shaft
W.7 Drill a hole in a handle
W.8 Forging Big adze 1,3 kg
W.10 Forged drawknives
W.11 Tangs for forging
W.12 Drilling ax material
W.14 Cutting leather sheats
W.15 Sewing leather sheath
W.16 Edge protection
W.17 Spoon knives
 in the oven
W.18 Curving a
spoon knife
W.19 Ready  spoon knives
W.20 Plastic protection of spoon knives
W.21 Sharpening   knife blade
W.22 New sharpened knife blade
W.23 Straighting knife blade
W.24 Elm and ash
W.25 Oil ax head
W.26 Axes in owen
W.27 Shafting axes
W.31 Vacation!
W.32 Vacation!
W.36 New model:   Flat adze 0,4kg
W.37 New model: Backpack axe 0,4kg




W.38 New right handle
to timber axe
W.39 Sharpening
 mini gouge
W.40 Cutting knife blade material
W. 41 Handle mill
W. 42 Handle mill close-up

W.43 Hardened
mini gouges
W.44 A visitor in the workshop.
W.45 Gouges in the owen
W.46 Stamped mini gouge
W.47 Anniversary axe! Little viking 0,8 kg
W.48 Grinding of wedge to axe
W.49 Grinding of handle to adze
W.50 Putting handle on adze
W.52 Merry Christmas
W.2 Grinding inside mini V-gouge
W.3 Grinding
 mini V-gouge
W.4  Grinding inside mini V-gouge
W.5 Grinding outside mini V-gouge
W.6 SNOW!!
W.7 Checking mini V-gouge
W.8 Testing mini V-gouge
W.9 Sewing cotting fabric
W.10 Sawing material to handle
W.11 Polish spoon carving knife handles
W.12 Mini V-gouge before handling
W.13 Draw knives

W.14 New tools together with old
W.15 New picture on draw knife 27 cm
W.16 Ax material

W.17 Cutting tang to draw knife
W.18 Sawing Splitting iron
W.19 Handle to children carving knife
W.20 Close children carving knife
W.21 Drilling material
W.10 Measurement
W.11 Mill ax
W.12 Material,
W.13 File edge
W.14 Mill slot
W.17 Set of small gouges

W.18 Mini V-gouge straight and turned

W. 20 New pictures on our axes!
W. 21 Great new smith gouge
W. 47 This is where it happens!
W. 48 Hands and tang


New Pictures: A big adze becomes:


Pictures: From material to adze.
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Pictures: From material to finished knife blade.
Bild 1Bild 2Bild 3Bild 4

Bild 5Bild 6Bild 7  Bild 8

Pictures: Products.


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