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Other products

To the left: Ice chisel total length 53 cm
Edge width, 80 mm.

To the right: Ice gouge total length 35 cm
Edge width, 65 mm, diameter 100 mm,
For those who want's to work with ice and make ice sculptures, we have developed two different tools, ice chisel and ice gouge. These are developed in coorporation with Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel AB. The tools are powerful and robust made.

To the left: Mini engraving knife, oblique 32x13
Has grinding surface on both sides, it works fine both sculptural and with engraving.  

In the middle: Turned mini V-gouge 60°
With it's thin turned blade, it is an excellent tool for decorating leathersheaths, and more

To the right: Mini gouge ø12, width. 20 mm.
has a thin blade which gives a fine control when making spoons and fine carving work.




We have some new models of leather sheaths.
The leather sheaths are sewn by Svante Djärv.

Carving knife 16x70 mm with leather sheath

Carving knife 17x60 mm with leather sheath

Children carving knife 15x50 mm with leather sheth

The leather sheath to the children carving knife 15x50 be suitable to all models of our children carving knife.
When you order please write a message which kind of model you want to order to the sheath.








Wood Carving Set
A textile with five sewn pockets containing:
1 japaneese water slip stone, grit 1000
2 st spoon knives (standard right and left)
1 engraving knife 35x8
1 carving knife 17x60

Wood carving set for children
1 textile pocket
2 spoon knives for children right and left
1 optional carving knife for children
1 japaneese water slip stone, grit 1000




Five new tools in our assortment.
We call it:
Small Carving Set in a textile pocket

The pocket contains five tools that are suitable for small sculpturing, engraving and linocutting.

All the tools have a total length of 15 cm

Seen from left:
1 Oblique Chisel,  edges length 15mm
1 Chisel, edges width 12mm
1 Straight Gouge,
ø10mm, edges width 11mm
1 Bent Gouge,
ø20mm, edges width 13mm
1 Straight Gouge,
ø30mm, edges width. 13mm






 Splitting iron, Froe (deliver unshafted)

 Blades lenght: 40 cm
 Blades width: 5 cm
 Blades thickness: 6 mm

 For shaping the material.
 Instead of an axe you could use the splitting iron to split the
 You hit the splitting iron with a club of tree.



Japanese slip stone 1000, 4000 and 8000 grit.
100*50*13*3 mm. Water slip stone. Mini slip stone is also avaliable.

Click here for sketches over the slip stones.



Artnr Name
BS 906  Splitting iron unshafted 
BS 910  Woodcarvingset children 
G 60 3,5  Turned mini V-gouge 60 3,5 
IS SK  Icegouge 35 cm 100-65 mm 
IS ST  Icechisel 53 cm, 80 mm 
K 208  Miniengraving knife,oblique 32x13 
MS 20-12  Minigouge 20-12 mm 
ÖS 9910  Carvingknife 17x60 with leathersheath 
ÖS 9911  Carvingknife 16x70 with leathersheath 
ÖS 9912  Children Carvingknife 15x50 with leathersheath 
ÖS 9920  Woodcarvingset 
ÖS 9921  Small Carving set 
ÖS 9930  Japanees slipstone mini grit4000 
ÖS 9931  Japanees slipstone grit 8000 
ÖS 9932  Japanees slipstone grit 1000 
ÖS 9933  Japanees slipstone mini grit 8000 
ÖS 9934  Japanees slipstone mini grit1000 
ÖS 9935  Around tapered grit 280 
ÖS 9936  Japanees slipstone grit 4000 
ÖS 9941  Polish disk of wool 
ÖS 9942  Slipwax 
ÖS 9963  Compendium Tälj… 
ÖS 9964  Compendium Ytbehandling 
ÖS 9965  Compendium Träslagen.. 

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