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Tools for woodturning

  • Turning gouge

  • Pointing chisel

  • Hooked gouge

  • Mini turning  hook

  • Middle turning hook

  • Big turning hook

We have moore text and pictures for these tools under the site toolhints.

Tools för woodturning

Artnr Name
SV 801  Turning gouge 37 cm, 25mm 
SV 802  Turning gouge 31 cm, 20mm 
SV 803  Turning gouge 28 cm, 14mm 
SV 804  Blountly chisel 38 cm 
SV 805  Pointing chisel 33 cm 
SV 806  Hooked gouge 35 cm 
SV 807  Mini turninghook 36cm,8mm 
SV 808  Middle turninghook 41cm,12mm 
SV 809  Big turninghook 42cm, 18mm 

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