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Spoon knives

Our spoon knives is made in four sizes. Seen from above: Big brother, Standard, Mini and Child.
Every size is made in both right- and left style. On the picture all knives are in right stile.

The different use between big or standard spoon carving knife:
Standard is the most useful knife. If you have strong hands you can carve not shallow spoons e.g. mixing spoons with our big spoon carving knife. You could also use it to smoothen surfaces after you have used the standard spoon knife in deeper spoons or bowls.

New model! Mini spoon carving knife is a small and curved knife. You come really close and have good controll when you carve very small spoons and bowls. The handle is the the same as standard, but you could also have it with children handle.

Children´s spoon knives have the same blade as standard but the handles are smaller.

Different between right and left:
Right Spoon knife: If you hold a right spoon knife in your right hand you carve towards you and have the tip upwards.
Left spoon knife: If you hold left spoon knife in your right hand you carve away from you and have the tip upwards.

If you are left handed you use the spoon knives the opposite way.

You need both right and left spoon knives. Sometimes you have to change knife when you need to work against the grain.
But the big trick if you want to be a good carver is to learn to use the hand which you not holding the knife in. For example if you carve with the right hand away from you, you could use your left thumb to assist by pushing the blade. Spoonknives are a great tool to have when you want to make spoons or small bowls.

Moore pictures on our spoon knives:



Seen from the left:
Spoon knife children left, Spoon knife mini left,
Spoon knife standard left, Spoon knife big left.
Seen from the left:
Spoon knife standard right, Spoon knife standard left.

Spoon knives blade curve and length.
Seen from above:
Big brother, Standard and Mini.
Spoon knife Child have the same blade curve as Standard.
Only the handle separate them.

Spoon knife standard in action:



Spoon knife standard right in action.
Carving towards you with the knife in your right hand
Spoon knife standard left in action.
Carving away from you with the knife in your right hand.


Crook knife  (unshafted)

Total length: 130mm (unshafted)
The edges length:110mm
The edges width: 15mm on the widest

The Crook knife is suitable for bowls.
It has the grinded surface on the inside.
We have the Crook knife in both right and left version.
On the picture you can see a right version.
We only deliver the Crook knife unshafted.

Spoon knives

Artnr Name
BS 904  Spoon knife child right 
BS 905  Spoon knife child left 
SK 101  Spoon knife Stand right 
SK 102  Spoon knife Stand left 
SK 103  Spoon knife Big right 
SK 104  Spoon knife Big left 
SK 105  Spoonknife mini right 
SK 106  Spoonknife mini left 
SK 107  Crook knife right, unshafted 
SK 108  Crook knife left, unshafted 

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