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Beating gouges and chisels

  • Beating chisel

  • Timber chisel

  • Beating gouge turned

  • Beating gouge straight

    An assortment of gouges and beating chisels that are made of a harder material with strengthenings. They can take a beat with a woodclub. See picture of profiles here.



Beating gouges and chisels

Artnr Name
RST 10  Straight chisel w.10mm 
RST 15  Straight chisel w.15mm 
RST 20  Straight chisel w.20mm 
RST 30  Straight chisel w.30mm 
RST 40  Straight chisel w.40mm 
RST 5  Straight chisel w.5mm 
SLJR 40-35  Beating gouge straight 40-35 
SLJS 40-35  Beating gouge turned 40-35 
SLST 30  Straight beating chisel w. 30 
SLST 40  Straight beating chisel w. 40 
TST 50  Timberchisel w. 50 

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