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Our axes is formed in collaboration with experienced wood-crafters.

All our axes delivers with the edge in the middle. (without Timber axe Norway 2,4 kg)
Both grinding faces have the same lenght. The grinding angle is about 27-28 degrees.

Carving axes

  • Carving axe 1,3 kg - 40 cm
  • Sculpture axe 0,8 kg - 33 cm
  • Carving axe 0,75 kg - 37 cm
  • Carving axe 0,4 kg - 30 cm
  • "Viking axe" 1,5 kg - 33 cm (small picture)



New picture Carving axes!
Seen from left:

Carving axe 1,3 kg, edge length 14 cm, total length 40 cm
Carving axe 0,75 kg, edge length 10 cm, total length 37 cm
Carving axe 0,4 kg, edge length   7 cm, total length 30 cm


New picture
Sculptur axe!

Sculptur axe 0,8 kg
Edge length 10 cm
Total length 33 cm


The difference between Sculpture axe 0,8 kg and Carving axe 0,75 kg:
Sculptur axe 0,8 kg have an almost straight edge. The edges corner are indicated both up and down.
On the axe head it is an forged curve for your hand where you can hold.
You come close to the material and that gives good control.
With the Sculpture axe you can hold on the blade and work with it like an chisel.
It is also more straight shafted then the Carving axe 0,75 kg.
Carving axe 0,75 kg is easier to carve with. It have an moore curved edge.


New picture Viking axes!
Seen from left:

Viking axe 1,5 kg
edge length 16 cm, total length 33 cm

Little Viking axe 0,8 kg
edge length 14 cm, total length 33 cm
(read more about the little Viking axe down the page)

Both axes are good carving axes.
The big Viking axe is also good at timbering.

The Viking axe is made after an original axe that is found by Elsas father and brother in a field on Gotland.
The original is dated in the Middle Ages.

Axes for cutting

Timber axe, Norway 2,4 kg - 42 cm (Have just one grinding surface. The other side is level)

Timber axe 1,6 kg - 43 cm (small pic) Is shafted with straight, right or left handle. See below.

Cutting axe 1,8 kg - 44 cm

Cutting axe 0,7 kg - 33 cm. A good axe for hunting and scouting.

    The axes above is excellent for timbering and cutting.

Explanation Timber axe 1,6 kg straight, right and left:
The head of the Timber axe is forged straight. We have made the handle straight or turned to right and left.
So it is the handle you have to chose straight, right or left.
Timber axe shafted with a right handle:
You have your right hand down on the handle, far away from the head.
The top of the blade point to the left, when you have the axe back up.
Your right hands knockle will go free from the log and you have your right axle close to the log/wall.
With Timber axe shafted with a left handle everything is contrary.


New picture Timber axe!

Timber axe 1,6 kg
Edge length 20 cm
Total length 43 cm

The Timber axe is shafted with  straight, right or left handle.

The Timber axe on the picture is shafted with a straight handle.
A very good axe which is excellent for timbering.


New picture Timber axe 2,4 kg!

Timber axe 2,4 kg
Edge length 16 cm
Total length 42 cm

We deliver this Timber axe with just one grinding surface.
The other side is level.

The Norwegian timber axe 2,4 kg have a straight handle
and are used most as a big chisel for example
on the sides on the knots.


New picture Cutting axes!
Seen from left:

Cutting axe 1,8 kg
edge length 14 cm, t
otal length 44 cm
This cutting axe is heavy and strong and helps you quickly to cut the material.

Cutting axe 0,7 kg
edge length 9 cm, total length 33 cm
This cutting axe suits good on hunt and scouting.



  • Backpack axe 0,4 kg
    A small and light cutting axe to take with you on the outdoor trip and hunting.
    Only 25 cm long.
    An edge protection in leather included.




  • Narrow axe 19 kg
    You use it wile timbering the corner inside.








  • Flat adze 1,3 kg
    A special made axe for boat building and timbering.
    Edge length about 10 cm.
    Handles length about 40 cm.





  • Little Viking axe 0,8 kg
    Anniversary axe!
    It is a small light version of Viking axe.
    It has the same beautiful form but the weight is only 0,8 kg.
    It has the same handle as Viking axe 1,5 kg.
    It works excellent as an carving axe to form the material.






 Is used for inside shaping of the material.
For ex. in big bowls, sculptering and boats.

  • Big adze 1,3 kg - Total length 42 cm
    Edge length 8cm. Turned edge. On the middle nearly flat.

  • Middle adze 0,7 kg - Total length 23 cm
    Edge length 6cm. Turned edge. On the middle nearly flat.

  • Small adze 0,6 kg - Total length 23 cm
    Edge length 5cm. The edge are circular.

  Seen from the left:
Big adze, Middle adze, Small adze


Artnr Name
Y 401  Carving axe 0,4 kg 
Y 402  Carving axe 0,75 kg 
Y 403  Carving axe 1,3 kg 
Y 404  Sculpture axe 0,8 kg 
Y 405  Viking axe 1,5 kg 
Y 406  Timber axe, Norway 2,4 kg 
Y 407  Cutting axe 1,8 kg 
Y 408  Cutting axe 0,7 kg 
Y 409  Narrow axe 1,9 kg 
Y 410  Small adze 0,6 kg 
Y 411  Middle adze 0,7 kg 
Y 412  Big adze 1,3 kg 
Y 413  Timberaxe straight 1,6 kg 
Y 416  Flat adze 1,3 kg 
Y 417  Backpack axe 0,4 kg 
Y 414  Timberaxe left 1,6 kg 
Y 415  Timberaxe right 1,6 kg 
Y 418  Little Viking axe 0,8 kg 

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