Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This is where we have collected answers to some of the most common questions we get from our customers.

Delivery time

How long does it take for me go get my tools?

We mainly forge upon order. Sometimes we do some extra forging and keep a small stock on our website, but this usually applies to smaller tools and not large axes for example. 

The time it takes for you to get your tools completely depends on what tools you have ordered (and if we have the tools in stock or not). If all the tools you have ordered are in stock, we will send them to you within just a couple of days. If the tools are not in stock, it will take some time for us to forge and make the tools, depending on what tool it is.

Knives and knife blades will take around 2-4 weeks to forge. Some tools, like chisels, drawknives and special spoon knives will take around 2-3 months. Larger tools, like axes and adzes, can take up 5-7 months to forge and prepare for delivery. All the expected forging/delivery times are written for each tool on the separate product pages. The forging and making of all tools are a long process “from wheat to bread” that has to be planned and executed thoroughly.

Therefore it is very difficult for us to give you an exact delivery date for the tools that you have ordered from us.


Why can’t I pay for my order directly on the website?

We don’t offer direct payment on our website since it sometimes can take a long time for you to get your tools. And in addition slight changes might appear, in the shape of shipping fees or that you want to add or change your order before all tools are forged and prepared for you. With this in mind, we consider it easiest that payment is done in connection to when all tools are forged and ready for delivery.

Why pay in advance?

We will not send any tools until our customer have paid the invoice. This will be done like this: When we have forged all the tools in your order and they are ready to be sent to you, we will send you an invoice by email. When you have paid the invoice we will send you your tools. If you want, please let us know when you have paid the invoice, then we might be slightly quicker with sending you the package with your ordered tools.


Can I get a price list for all your tools and products?

Yes, of course. You can find a price list among other information on our page, under “product info“.

How are the gouges measured?

How the measurements are made on our gouges and chisels can also be found under the tab “product info” on our website.


What happens when I mix tools in my order, that both are in stock and out of stock?

When you have placed the tools you wish to order in the virtual shopping cart, you will get two options before placing your order:

  • Split order. If your order consists of both tools in stock and out of stock you have the opportunity to split it in two parts. Tools in stock will be sent directly after the first invoice is paid. The rest of the tools will be sent to you when they are finished and the second invoice is paid. You will get two invoices, pay two shipping fees, and receive two deliveries.
  • One order. Choose this option if your order looks like one of the following:1. Your order consists only of tools in stock.
    2. Your order consists only of tools not in stock.
    3. Your order consists of both tools ready to deliver and tools yet to forge, but you want to wait until your full order is completely done and ready for shipping. If you pick this option all tools will be shipped at the same time when everything is forged and ready, and the invoice is paid. You will get one invoice, pay one shipping fee, receive one delivery.

Email issues

I am not getting invoices or order confirmations from you. Why?

Unfortunately emails from us might sometimes end up in your spam folder. Please keep an eye on your spam folder if you are expecting emails from us. Especially if you have a Hotmail account.

The workshop

Can I visit you and see how you make the tools?

Of course, you are welcome to visit us! Please contact us before your visit though. Opening hours may vary, and our workshop has a very limited space. You can find a map and more information about opening hours here.

How many are you that forge the tools?

We are a small family company with only two people working full time. Svante is forging all the tools. Elsa takes care of the production of the handles, preparing materials and all the administrative work. We also have our daughter, two sons and one part time employee working in the workshop from time to time. You can find more about us and our story here.

Can you sharpen my knife?

Even though our tools stay sharp quite long, they will eventually get dull when you are using them. We know that, for example, the spoon knives are a bit tricky to grind and sharpen so we offer us to help you with that. Apart from the spoon knives we can grind and sharpen other tools that we have made. Sometimes we can sharpen tools that was not made by us. Please let us know all the details before sending us anything, and we will make an assessment wether we can take on the job or not. You can order knife sharpening here.

If you can’t find your answer here, please let us know.