Leather axe sheath

This is a list of all the leather axe sheaths that we sell separately. They are made specifically for a number of selected axes. Click on the pictures below to access our shop pages.

We also sell leather knife sheaths to most of our carving knives and children’s carving knives. Those leather sheaths are hand-made by us and and needs to be fitted before delivery since all sheaths and handles might vary slightly in size. That’s why they are not sold separately, only together with a knfe.

Leather sheath, Carving axe 0,4 kg

Leather sheath, Carving axe 0,6 kg

Leather sheath, Carving axe 0,75 kg

Leather sheath, Little Viking axe 0,8 kg

Leather sheath Backpack axe 0,4 kg

Leather sheath Cutting axe 0,7 kg