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Our adze is used for internal shaping of bowls, trough and trays. It is also useful when sculpting.

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We make our adzes in four different sizes, for different sized projects. An adze is a good tool if you want to effectively carve your way into a piece of wood.

Adze mini 0,4 kg

  • Total length 23 cm
  • The opening of the edge, corner to corner, around 4 cm
  • A small and light adze for small hands and small projects. For inside work in small bowls and troughs.

Adze 0,6 kg

  • Bevel length 5 cm
  • Total length 23 cm
  • Circular shaped edge

Adze 0,7 kg

  • Bevel length 6 cm
  • Total length 23 cm
  • Curved edge shape with a flatter surface in the middle

Adze 1,3 kg

  • Bevel length 8 cm
  • Total length 42 cm
  • Curved edge shape with a flatter surface in the middle

The weight indicates axe head and handle. The handle is made by ash wood. The total weight might vary because wood is a living material that can have different density and characteristics, even though we make sure all handles have the same humidity.

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Adze mini 0.4 kg, Adze 0.6 kg, Adze 0.7 kg, Adze 1.3 kg

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 5-7 months to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery.