Backpack axe

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The backpack axe is easy to bring with you on every adventure. A fitting leather sheath is also available for purchase.

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This is a small and light cutting axe, perfect to have in your backpack for a trip in the forest or when out hunting. It has a rounded and polished poll (or butt), which not only makes it good for peeling animal skins, but also makes it smoother to get in and out of different pockets and compartments without getting stuck.

The leather sheath is of course a very handy companion to the backpack axe. It is sold separately. The colour of the leather can vary.

Backpack axe 0,4 kg

  • Bevel length 7 cm
  • Total length only 25 cm

The weight indicates axe head and handle. The handle is made by ash wood. The total weight might vary because wood is a living material that can have different density and characteristics, even though we make sure all handles have the same humidity.

All our axes are made with the edge in the middle. Symmetrical bevels, which means that the bevels have the same length. All grinding and honing are made on freehand. The bevel angle is around 27-28 degrees. The axe head is put on the handle with glue and a wedge. We use a hydraulic press with around 1000 kg’s of power to push down the wedge. This is the best way to fasten the axe head to the handle.

An axe, adze or hammer head seldom come loose. But it can happen. Wood is a living material. The most common reason is moisture. For example: The axe  have been stored outside and then get inside in a warm and dry place. The wood then get smaller/shrink. The number one advice: Hit the wedge!

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Backpack axe 0.4 kg, Leather sheath Backpack axe 0.4 kg

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 1-3 months to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery. Forging time is an estimate and may be longer. In the event of major changes, we will inform you.