Bent gouge

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Our bent gouge is used for wood craft and making cavities.

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Our Bent gouge is a good friend when making bowls and dishes. We make them in many shapes and sizes.

The long bent gouges total length are about 28 cm.
The short bent gouge 20-13 has total length 15 cm. That gouge is also a part of the Small wood sculpting set.

The bevel shape is expressed in a diameter (mm) and an approximate width (mm). The bevel shape is part of a full circle. The number that the gouge is marked with is the diameter of this circle. The width is measured across the gouge.

Using a gouge with a more convex bevel shape makes it easier to remove material, therefore they are perfect to start off a project with. The flatter bevel shape is better for smoother carving, therefore a better use at the end of your project. A flatter shape demands more strength, since it makes wider wood chips. It is advantageous to use many different shapes of gouges during your project.

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Bent gouge 15 cm / 20-13 mm, Bent gouge 20-18 mm, Bent gouge 30-25 mm, Bent gouge 40-32 mm, Bent gouge 70-35 mm, Bent gouge 100-40 mm, Bent gouge 200-40 mm

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 5-7 months to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery.