Carving knife with increased stability

690 kr

Carving knife with smaller blade and shorter bevel for increased strength and stability.

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Compared to our knives in the category Carving knife, these knives have got a thinner blade and shorter bevels for more curvy carving, but with the same bevel angle. These knives are suitable for smaller projects that at the same time demands high control and power. The blades are forged by hand and made out of tool steel.

The handles are made out of elm, with good grip. All carving knives are delivered razor sharp.

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Carving knife 11×35 mm, Carving knife 8×50 mm

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 2-4 weeks to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery. Forging time is an estimate and may be longer. In the event of major changes, we will inform you.