Hanging hook

800 kr

We are making a new, but old, version of the turning hook. The Hanging hook. We deliver it without an handle.

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A new model of turning hook. It is inspired by a tool made by Lars Aldén in the 80’s. The small one is named 17 mm and the large one 25 mm. The measurements given are the inside diameter of the hook.

More measurements for Hanging hook small 17 mm

  • Total length: 270 mm
  • Thickness neck-tang: Ø10 mm
  • Width of hook: 15 mm

More measurements for Hanging hook large 25 mm

  • Total length: 300 mm
  • Thickness neck-tang: Ø12 mm
  • Width of hook: 20 mm

The hanging hooks are forged out of tool steel, SIS 2258. It is a so called bearing steel and its heat resistance is very high for a tool steel. The hanging hooks are heat treated several times in our ovens, until it reaches an hardness about 60-61 HRC. The bevel is on the inside of the hook and the bevel angle is 26 degrees.

The hanging hook is best used for turning in sidewood, outside and in. It is sharpened, honed and stropped, in other words it is razor sharp. We deliver it without an handle.

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Hanging hook small 17 mm, Hanging hook large 25 mm