Hooked dogleg gouge small

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Our small hooked dogleg is used for wood carving and making smaller cavities.

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When you are using the Hooked dogleg gouges, you need to figure out how to twist and turn your way through the material. If you do, this tool will be very effective. The small hooked dogleg gouge is more suitable for smaller projects.

The bevel shape is expressed in a diameter (mm) and an approximate width (mm). The bevel shape is part of a full circle. The number that the gouge is marked with is the diameter of this circle. The width is measured across the gouge. Length of the tools refers to their total length, including handle. For instance 16-20-17: where 16 is the total length, 16 cm. 20 is the shape of the edge, with 20 mm in diameter. 17 is the width of the blade edge, 17 mm.

Using a gouge with a more convex bevel shape makes it easier to remove material, therefore they are perfect to start off a project with. The flatter bevel shape is better for smoother carving, therefore a better use at the end of your project. A flatter shape demands more strength, since it makes wider wood chips. It is advantageous to use many different shapes of gouges during your project.

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Hooked dogleg gouge small 16-14 mm, Hooked dogleg gouge small 20-17 mm, Hooked dogleg gouge small 30-17 mm

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 5-7 months to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery.