Japanese slipstone

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Japanese slipstone in three different grit sizes.


Water slipstone (or whetstone), conical and knife shaped. It is also available as mini slipstones. Thanks to its rounded edges it is an excellent slipstone to use when sharpening the inside of, for example, spoon knives and gouges.

Size: L100 x W50 x H13 x H3 mm.

Other tool makers might use different types of steel in their tools, along with different production methods. This means all tools can have different levels of sharpness, and get dull at different rates. If you want your knife as sharp as possible you can try to sharpen it with a coarse slipstone first, and then hone it with a fine slipstone afterwards. Sometimes you need to sharpen it a lot to get the right bevel angle. If the knife is made of a low-quality tool steel and a bad production method, it can lose sharpness and get dull very quickly.

We sell Japanese slipstones in three different grit sizes. Grit 1000, 4000 and 8000. When we send you our tools, they are honed with the slipstone of grit 8000. This is the finest slipstone and will give the same sharpness as stropping the edge with a polishing disc of wool. In other words, it is razor sharp. To achieve the highest level of sharpness you need all three grit sizes. Start with the coarsest slipstone if the tool is really dull, and gradually move on to finer grit. If the tool is just a little dull, you can just hone it with the grit 8000 slipstone to get it razor sharp again.

Under the tab Sharpening and honing you can find more information.

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Japanese slipstone grit 1000, Japanese slipstone grit 4000, Japanese slipstone grit 8000

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