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Unique kitchen knives forged by Svante Djärv.

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We have made some special kitchen knives. Limited edition. Some are forged using a lamination process with a steel core, and some are 100% steel knives. The steel we are forging with is tool steel (SIS 2140).

The laminated blades are forged with iron on the sides which supports the hard inner steel core. Tough and hard in a perfect teamwork. This makes it possible to forge the blade very thin. The edge of the blade can be honed incredibly sharp and it stays sharp for a long time (that also applies for the 100% steel knives of course).

The blades are light and versatile. They are forged with a pretty thin, but stable, spine. The blade has then been ground very thin to tip and edge, also behind the edge. The length and design vary between the knives.

They are heat treated in well monitored ovens many times to around 61 HRC, which gives it a tough and durable edge.

The handles are made out of Swedish ash. They are fire treated and surface treated with food safe oil wax. Some handles are also dyed with different colors.

Since the knives are unique, there is only one knife per article (A, B, C, …). Therefore, the knife you order is exactly the one in the picture.

Keep an eye open on this site. New kitchen knives might pop up here in the future and they get sold pretty quickly.

Care instructions kitchen knives:

  • The steel is not stainless. Keep the knife dry and clean after use.
  • Oil the handle and blade every now and then, with a drop of highly refined mineral oil.
  • Not diswasher safe.
  • Do not use for cutting bones and cartilage.
  • The steel will “mature” in its color, it’s natural since the steel is not stainless.

Pictures of all kitchen knives

Svante has made serveral batches of kitchen knives, where all of them are unique. Some shapes of the blade are more similar to one another. Some are more popular than others. Which one is your favourite?

Begränsad upplaga 5: Laminerade köksknivar med spännande formspråk:

Limited edition 4: Svantes little vegetable-/multi purpose knife:

Limited edition 3: Kitchen knife of a larger, updated model:

Limited edition 2: Kitchen knife of a smaller, mixed model:

Limited edition 1: Kitchen knife of a larger model:






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Kitchen knife laminated T: 55×220 mm, Kitchen knife laminated U: 55×220 mm, Kitchen knife laminated V: 54×220 mm, Kitchen knife laminated W: 55×235 mm, Kitchen knife laminated X: 40×290 mm, Kitchen knife multi purpose Y: 29×120 mm, Kitchen knife multi purpose Z: 30×115 mm