Knife blade

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A range of knife blades in different sizes. We deliver them to you with a coarse grind.

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Our knife blades are delivered rough grinded, but apart from that they are exactly the same as the ones we glue into our handles when we sell them as complete carving knives.

The blades are made out of tool steel, which is a carbon steel. It is forged as a solid and is not laminated. They are both hard and tough. They stay sharp for a long time and when they eventually get dull they are easy to grind and hone back into sharpness.

We have 9 different blade sizes. The largest are 22×100, 25×85 and 22×75 mm. They are our allrounders. If you are more into wood carving a shorter blade might be more suitable, for example 20×80, 16×80, 16×70, 17×60, 16×40 or 15×50 mm.

We also make even smaller blades but they are only sold as complete knives, our 11×35 and 8×50 mm. They are perfect for carving smaller things like wooden figures and you want to carve in places that are hard to reach into with a larger blade.

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Knife blade 16×40 mm, Knife blade 15×50 mm, Knife blade 17×60 mm, Knife blade 16×70 mm, Knife blade 22×75 mm, Knife blade 16×80 mm, Knife blade 20×80 mm, Knife blade 25×85 mm, Knife blade 22×100 mm

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 2-4 weeks to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery. Forging time is an estimate and may be longer. In the event of major changes, we will inform you.