Leather knife sheath

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Our handmade leather knife sheaths. They are only available to order in combination with a Children’s carving knife or a Carving knife.


We make leather knife sheaths by hand, to most of our carving knifes. Since all handles and leather sheaths are unique they have to be fitted in by us.

That is why our leather knife sheaths are only sold in combination with a fitting carving knife. First put the knife you want in the shopping cart, and then the leather knife sheath.

If you order many knifes and multiple leather knife sheaths, please leave a comment with your order about which knifes you want to combine with a leather sheath.

OBS: The color of the leather may vary. It depends on which leather we got and sometimes we also colour the leather sheaths ourselves after we have sewn it together (see picture above).

The leather knife sheaths fits to the following knifes:
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Leather sheath Children’s carving knife
Leather sheath Carving knife / short
Leather knife sheath Carving knife / long

Article number

PS901 – Leather sheath, Children’s carving knife
PS902 – Leather sheath, Carving knife, short
PS903 – Leather sheath, Carving knife, long

Additional information


Leather sheath Children's carving knife, Leather sheath Carving knife / short, Leather sheath Carving knife / long

Delivery time

If this product is not in stock it will take us about 1-3 months to prepare it for delivery. Delivery time is an estimate and may be longer. In the event of major changes, we will inform you.

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