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Extra gadgets for making your edge as sharp as it can possibly get.

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We are selling a polishing disc of wool, packed hard together, as well as a polishing wax. These are products that we use when we hone all our tools to get them razor sharp.

To get your edge really sharp the polishing disc is very useful. Saturate the disc with the polishing wax, and hone your blade with the fibres. The polishing disc is available to shape as you want, with a coarse sandpaper.
The polishing wax is very good for chromium alloyed steel.

The polishing disc is around 100 mm in diameter, and the centre hole is 10 mm. It works well to put on a hand drill. A suitable speed is around 1000 rpm.

Tips on how to fasten it: Use one bolt, one nut and two washers. Put the bolt into your hand drill, and the polishing disc goes on the bolt with a washer on each side. Then fasten the disc and the washers with the bolt.

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Polishing disc of wool, Polishing wax

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