Sculpture axe

2 400 kr

Our Sculpture axe is perfect for increased control and stability when working with projects that demand a higher precision. For example when sculpting.

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Our Sculpture axe is a very good friend to have when removing a lot of material, and at the same time having high precision, like when sculpting. The weight indicates axe head and handle. The handle is made by ash wood. The total weight might vary because wood is a living material that can have different density and characteristics, even though we make sure all handles have the same humidity.

The difference between our Sculpture axe 0,8 kg and Carving axe 0,75 kg is a lot more than just the 500 grams of weight difference. The Sculpture axe 0,8 kg has got almost no edge curvature, along with distinct forward point and back point. It has a properly forged and deep beard, which places your guiding hand close to the centre of mass, and therefore gives you high control. You can also work with the Sculpting axe similar to a chisel, when just holding the head and the blade. The Sculpture axe has a more straight handle compared to the Carving axe 0,75 kg.

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Sculpture axe 0.8 kg

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 5-7 months to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery.