Spoon knife large

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Spoon knife large has a larger blade for large projects and cutting clean smaller projects with ease.

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Spoon knife large has got an extra large blade in order to carve faster into larger projects, if you have the technique and strength. Thanks to its flatter curvature, compared to Spoon knife standard, it is also a lot heavier to carve through the wood. But the surface result will be smoother. It is advantageous to carve away material with Spoon knife standard and then finish off with Spoon knife large and get a smoother finish.

The difference between right and left spoon knife:

  • Right: If you are holding the right spoon knife in your right hand, you will carve towards you with it.
  • Left: If you are holding the left spoon knife in your right hand, you will carve away from you with it.
  • If you are left-handed, the spoon knives will function exactly the opposite way.

You might need both of the knives since they are complementing each other very well. Sometimes you can’t reach with one of them and you don’t want to carve against the fibres, that is a perfect opportunity to try out the other one and carve in the other direction. The spoon knife is an excellent tool for when carving spoons, small bowls and carving in burls (burrs).

If you want to become a good carver, one advice is to teach yourself to really make use of the hand that you are not holding the knife with. For instance, if you are carving with your right hand, away from you, you can use your left thumb to push the knife and, in that way, become stronger.

Another word for spoon knife is hook knife.

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Spoon knife large – right, Spoon knife large – left

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