Timber drawknife

2 100 kr

A drawknife special made for timbering.

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If you look at our Timber drawknife with the bevel against you, the blade is bent both against you and downwards. This is a powerful and very well balanced drawknife, and you can use it with straight wrists. Works good for both debarking, when making big shavings and removing a lot of material, along with shaping the outside of for example trays and troughs.

  • Blade length: 32 cm
  • Width of the blade: 31 mm
  • Thickness of the blade: 4,5 mm

Additional information


Timber drawknife 32 cm

Forging time

If this tool is not in stock it will take us about 1-3 months to forge the tool and prepare it for delivery. Forging time is an estimate and may be longer. In the event of major changes, we will inform you.