We sharpen your knife

150 kr

We can sharpen your knives from S. Djärv Hantverk and make the edge razor sharp again.

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This is an offer to all you that has bought knives from S. Djärv Hantverk. We can sharpen your knife to the razor sharp edge that it once had.

Just put the “product” in your cart and don’t forget to write a comment when placing your order, about what type of knife you want us to sharpen, as well as the condition of your knife. Then wait for a reply from us before you send us your knife for sharpening.

Remember to pack your tools safely in an envelope or package. Don’t forget to enter your name and address.

A shipping fee will be added.

Sometimes we can also sharpen knives made by others, please contact us first and ask if we can sharpen your knife.

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